Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Application to Monetize Youtube channel taking longer

Application to monetize youtube channel taking longer than normal

Everyone is looking for the solution some has waited for 10 days and many are still waiting from month but their application or their channel still under review for many days 

Youtube Monetization application still under review

Youtube channels are still under review for many days people have been asking me on youtube so i asked the same question from youtube support team
Q. People are asking me why their channel still under review for many days ?

They always replied me with a good answer. They said,

Youtube application to monetize channel taking longer

They have clearly mentioned that Youtube channel reviewing process taking longer than normal process. It means the application are getting more and more everyday which make it difficult for them to review.
So don't worry if your channel is still under review make content more and more grow your audience and get more subscriber. Best of luck

Youtube channel not approving still under review

Youtube channel not approving still under review

Youtube channel not approving still under review

It's not the first time youtube is facing some issue with the new youtubers. Youtube has to maintain their revenue system in order to work what is better for the business.
Many people has been asking everywhere their

youtube channel still under review for many days

I'm also a youtuber so i helped people as much as possible so on asking question from youtube
Q. Many of may followers asking me why their youtube channel not approving still under review for many days.

Earlier this morning ! Youtube replied me with the this.

For many days youtube channel is still under review

Elaborating to this email "it means youtube if facing a problem in reviewing these application as they appears to be so many at their screen" in other words channel approving application taking much longer than normal process. As soon as every youtube application appears on their desk screen they will approve and disapprove based on channel quality.

Youtube Channel Under Review for many days

Your channel is not approving for many days

channel under review for many days and not approving

Youtube channel under review not approving by the youtube

Many people have been asking me on
youtube that their Youtube Channel is under review for many days and not approving by the youtube review team. yes ! this is true the channel approving issue on youtube is being increasing day by day and this is because the application of reviewing channel on youtube for the YT team has be increase. So youtube is facing issue this process become slower by time and they are working to resolve the issue soon.

On Asking Youtube Team a question by me.
Q. Many people have been asking me their channel is under review and not approving by the youtube from many days.
They finally answered me with their email saying

Youtube Channel not approving still under review for many days

Describing to these words it means "As soon as every youtuber channel appear in front of their screen their will approve or disapprove based on channel position.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

How to Contact Facebook Support Team 2017-2018

There are many ways you can contact to facebook support team from my personal experience i have come to know

They don't respond because they don't exist ... I'm beginning to believe that there are no humans left at Facebook, just transaction-processing software connected to a large computing Cloud in the ethernet. No one responds to our frustration because there's no one there - no "live human," anyway. Only platforms, aps, bits and bytes, which are not programmed to feel frustration or sense it in others. They don't hear or see us as humans expecting a response, just as a source of data to be categorized and stored. When we write these plaintive pleas for help and clear instruction, these machines don't sense our anger and frustration - they word-search our typed text for key words that trigger pre-programmed, impersonal (and usually inaccurate) responses. Isn't it amazing how digitalization continues to make 21st century communications so much more efficient and effective than back in the Stone Age when live humans answered phones and engaged in real, interactive conversations with their customers/clients? Quaint . . . but then you can just call me "Geezer". Now I think I'll shut down Facebook, get off the computer and go outdoors to see some of that summer sunshine I have been missing, while I sit here typing on this keyboard.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

PTCL not accessing facebook and youtube because Facebook banned by ISP of Pakistan Including Youtube is also banned

Youtube and facebook is not working in pakistan november 2017 - earlier morning facebook banned in pakistan and youtube is also banned 25 november 2017

The protesters in pakistan are going violent due to this pakistan government told ISP's to banned Youtube in pakistan on november 2017. Pakistan is not doing this for the first time the facebook banned in pakistan 25 november. 

In the past youtube and facebook banning in pakistan is not a big deal for the government but the people working on youtube faces many issue while they are working online to support financially to their families 

Twitter and other social media sites also not working earlier this morning. Many users are getting access to faceboook and youtube through smartphones but desktop users are not allowed to access youtube facebook and twitter

Facebook youtube Pakistan main Band ho gai hai november 25 2017

Facebook pakistan main aaj subha se nahi chal rah aur na hi youtube pakistan main chal rahi hai. Ye post un logon kay liye banaya gaya hai jin ko masla paish aa raha hai youtube aur facebook kay na chalney par  

Youtube is not working due to IPS order to banned youtube in pakistan. ISP also order to banned faebook in pakistan

Protest jo faizabad main ho raha hai unko rokney kay liye pakistan hakoomat ney ye faisala kiya hai kay wo Youtube banned kar rahy hain facebook banned kar rahy hain au twitter be banned kar rahy hain isi liye.
facebook not working Youtube not working twitter not workingj jaise alfaaz har jaga istamaal kiye jaa rahy hain 
November 25th 2017 Dopher 12 baje ye faisala kiya gaya aur buhat se log apney computer se facebook tak rasahi hasil nahi kar rahy jab kay mobile mea istamaal kar saktey hain

Youtube Facebook twitter not working in pakistan they are banned 25 November saturday 2017

Some of the users still facing issue on the desktop computer and not able to access youtube Facebook and twitter from any where in the country of pakistan
The ISP's were ordered to close these websites so the government of pakistan banned youtube on 25 november 2017.

Youtube is not working in pakistan facebook is also not working and twitter is not working youtube is banned in pakistan facebook is banned november 25 2017

Report also says Facebook is also banned including twitter is not working as well.
www.youtube.com’s server DNS address could not be found.


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